Susan Diamond’s sly and witty tale takes us along on a wild ride with five women out to avenge a friend as they contend with everything from ferocious Rottweilers to sadistic Beverly Hills meter maids, murderous tycoons and clueless therapists, boob jobs and botched break-ins--even a constantly kibitzing (if dead) mother. What they find is not only the revenge they seek, but also love, friendship and ultimately, themselves.
                                                 --K.C. Cole, author of The Hole in the Universe, Mind
                                                                Over Matter, The Universe and the Teacup
A smart, lyrically-written story of five unassuming yet extraordinarily resourceful women in Los Angeles who set about to solve a messy murder and stumble on the up side of revenge.  Susan Diamond’s absorbing, modern-day comeuppance tale hooks you in from the start with its beautifully-drawn, behind-the-scenes intrigue and deliciously satisfying twists of fate.  The book gives new meaning to the phrase, “Don’t get mad, get even.”
                            --Jennifer Kaufman, co-author of Literacy and Longing in L.A.
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